Pink Plop!

Couple of weeks ago,

I went to this Pink Plop Event at Gasibu Bandung. A friend of mine – also my client – were opening their booth stand there. Since it held outdoor, I choose casual outfits with my lovely new bag from CicieroBags.

Unfortunately I came too early and seems like only the participant were there. Until it started dark… I guess every ladies in Bandung came there. I thought the Gasibu Bandung were to big for the event, but it was not, the crowd was full of ladiessss…. Hell yeah, many (boy) bands and fashion local brands were there. They have one big stage for full band, and the small one for the acoustic band – perfect for chill in’

The fabulous bag named LAUREN TWO-TONE made 100% by Ciciero Bags.

All the bracelets by KonoKeneProject.

Andy Warhol Limited Editions top by UNIQLODenim pants by Top Shop, Yellow leather band by Yu! accessories, O-Ring by Forever21, Flat Shoes by Little Things She Needs. Shoulder bag by Ciciero Bags.


I got a lot of other cute accessories also in an affordable price – mostly necklaces – but too bad, I haven’t take pictures of the stuff yet. Need a perfect time and place to capture it all, Hehe… *yeah,reasons* Hmm anyway, where else should I go next? Any event you know? Kindly share it with me here… ^__^


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