Let’s collaborate or be my partner…

If you are a (both) small and large online business or e-commerce – you are very welcomed to collaborate with, or even hire me. Other than that, do not hesitate to contact me and discuss more about the opportunity you will offer. I believe there will be a lot of possibility we can work together. But, here are some available options.

1. Sponsored items
2. Exclusive blog content
3. Digital Media & Corporate Blogger

A local or international business online (e-commerce) or premium brand like yours, needs a good maintenance of your social media links such as twitter account, facebook fanpage, instagram and others. Social media specialist or manager is the answer. I will personally manage it  – with my team – to maintain your links and effectively make a good campaign about your brand, products or e-commerce.



4. Fashion Stylist

Need a fashion stylist help for your lookbook , catalog, pre-wedding photo or any other photoshoot? Email and contact me the details, I definitely looking forward to make a good collaboration with you.

Click here my fashion portfolio.


For further information and details, please do not hesitate to contact me via email : 


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