Beautify My Ladylish Manner




Working in a creative fields always encourage you NOT to look formal to your office.

As a freelancer,  sometimes a routine of meeting clients somehow make me inspired to look more professional with formal outfits. Keep it chic and (still) appropriate to respect this holy Ramadhan.

For today’s meeting, I choose a collar stripes top with tailored print blazer from one of my sponsor – GRASYA by Anis Saffira. Actually this GRASYA brand is especially made for a moslem hijabers, but since I wear the outfits for my Ramadhan editorial, Anis gave me these special surprises. Thank you, Anis!

And finally made my own style (if you don’t mind) with these collections – for my professional look.

collar stripes top and printed blazer by GRASYA, skin snakes synthetic leather GITA clutch by CicieroBags, purple chain necklaces and chain bracelets by myself, tights by Chic Simple. Printed headband by myself.


In this sunny day, sometimes too hard keeping your hair looks perfect. I do covered up my bad hair day, with the printed headband. For the accessories, chain bracelets and necklaces by myself, with cute black wedges – a gift from my boyfriend which I really love it! and a skin snakes leather clutch, that completed my formal looks.

Talking about GRASYA, have you visited the site yet?

Talking about this brand, they do have a special promo during this Ramadhan – which I really support.



Get to know the brand?

Meet ’em here tomorrow! I bet you will find something cute there.



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