About Me

Hi, there…

Welcome to my personal blog, well this is actually my 2nd blog after tumblring for many years. As many other blogger, i just want to share what i like, what i know, and whateverrr… During my busy thing such as work on a corporate blog, i’ve been protesting myself and start to built this blog lately. If you wondering, I’m just a crazy mad for accessories kinda girl, who lives in busy metropolitan city in Jakarta Indonesia. I started my casual blog (finally) and never stopped since then. I called myself a ‘hard-rock’ style blogger – don’t ask why. Hi hi…

Look simple, stylish and stand out with any statement accessories are always be my red line for fashion. “Why you have to look ordinary with your black tees, if you can look fabulous and stand out with your statement accessories.”Β D*mn, yeah, I am so mad for accessories – I keep buying it even if I don’t need it that much!

“Travelling is always been my guilty pleasure..”

Short Profile

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ade Pungky Maharani. Began my career in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a backgorund in printed media, and e-commerce, working as the Fashion Journalist and stylist in Femina Group; as the Fashion and Beauty Editor in MRA Printed Media Group; and Media Millenia Group in Female Magazine.

Having made the jump to styling full-time, i specializes in fashion and advertorial print work, as well as editorial contribution. In my most recent collaboration I works as a Social Media Specialist in several e-commerce and brands, such as Berrybenka.com and Cicierobags.com, Tirajeans, Colorbox, and still working as a Fashion Contributor in Majalah Sekar and Golf Digest Indonesia. Other that those working contributions, I am also maintains my own style blog here.
Hard worker indeed! Yeah, i get that a lot.

Anyways, if you’d like to meet me, you can frequently find me on several cozy lounge in Jakarta during the office hours till after. Always working and exploring new opportunities, my goal is to share my passion for life and drive for success with those around me.

“Do fashion for living…”


More about me?

Follow my twitter, or do not hesitate to contact me via email adelousity@gmail.comΒ for any questions, collaborations or even interested to hire me.


3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi Farah Ramos…
      Yes, kabar baik! haha… yes, I’m from Indonesia.. I read your blog, you just visited here, hope it was great ^__^

      Ade Maharani

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