Best Satay in Cikampek


Everytime me & mr. B looking for a sweet escape, this place always be our first choice, Sate (satay) Maranggi ‘Cibungur’. If you start from Jakarta, take Jakarta-Cikampek high way and exit at Cikampek. When you’re exit you will find 1st traffic lights, then turn right, around 1, 5 KM you will find this place on the left side of the road.


How’s the menu?
Off course their special menu is the Sate Maranggi, they serve lamb, beef, and chicken Marrangi. Their lamb Maranggi is always be my favorite – it’s a must try! Seriously!, while mr. B prefer for beef Maranggi satay. Those satay cost IDR 30K/10 sticks – which will served with a special spicy tomato sauce, I prefer to mix it with soy sauce to make it sweeter. God, I can’t help for their spicy level. No worries for a rice lovers – mostly Indonesian – he he yess they off course will serve your rices for your perfect combination with those satay. Per portion this rice worth for IDR 5K. Other than those satay plus rice, you should try Soto Ayam, cost only IDR 13K – taste perfectly so good with their  traditional flavour. Really worth every pennies.

What’s so special?
Before end your lunch or dinner here, in this place also available several traditional desserts such as Rujak, Es Campur, Es Kelapa which cost around IDR 7K. And you will get a non-sweet (plain) ice tea each person for free.

Jl Raya Cibungur Purwakarta Tlp 0264-351077

Foot note
This is us, on our way to Cikampek – with Silverchair album along the way. Rock and roll Sunday..



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