Delicious Menu from Lokananta


Delightful Menu
If you’re looking for a good lunch or dinner in Jakarta Indonesia,  with affordable price – cost around IDR 35K until less than IDR 100K – you should find this place. For a starter they have Tomato ans Smoked Salad (45K)  and Escargot Bruschetta (35K). So sorry for not captured it for you, really forgot! But at least I share you here..he he.. well anyway, those appetizer taste really good!

Next, for main course, Pasta Aglio Olio is my favorite, and yes, you can choose your own pasta, Spaghetti or Fettucini. I prefer Spaghetti for myself. Also you got to choose neither tuna or beef that you’d like to mix for your olio.

Well, I went there with B (he ordered Thai Fish) and my sis (ordered those 3 sausages). Was a delightful late dinner we had yesterday.

When you have the chance to went there, you should try my fave dessert, Chesse Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. Goshhh! This dessert really blew me away.. taste perfectly good in their every combination, because they served it hot and cold. The hot cheese cake will melted smoothly in your mouth mix the freezy vanilla ice cream. And again, apologize for not took pictures of it. I can help to wait that longer to take those bites. If you’re a chocolate lovers,  they also available in chocolate cake with melted chocolate mix vanilla ice cream.

Perfect for Hang-out
Those comfortable sofa with wood interiors really make this place so cozy. Full brownies color relaxing my eyes while hangouts here. Perfect ambience, perfect moods, perfect for hangouts.

LOKANANTA TERRACE RESTO Jl Panglima Polim II/2 Jakarta Selatan 12160. Phone 021-7246364
GANDARIA CITY Main Street UG/32. Phone 021-29053033


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