We Are What They Call Surealis!

It’s been years having this gorgeous bff. We met at year 2002, many ups and downs moment we had since everyone singles and now just one of us who unmarried.. yeahh with the rest of the single ladies in this world – who have a bad luck in love life. Tell me about it!

Anyways, since one of us married and live in Ternate – one of beautiful island in East Indonesiawe didn’t have much time to meet each other regulary. And yes, last week, after a half year ago my bff’s married, we finally meet!


As a grown women, we just need a cozy place and cool area to catch up each other. Husbands and boyfriend were there also. We do had fun last weekend!

And just like the old times, we still ‘surealism’ it’s like we have our own world. Yap, they call us Surealis.




When it’s posted, my bff, Addina – mbadun’ is heading to airport and about to take off. Take care gal! Love you,


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