Hello 2013

It’s been so late for saying this “Hello 2013!” rite. Well this time i check out my latest post is on Dec, before Christmas. Many things happened in my life for last few months. From had a great Christmas evening with my boy, new project for my digital media portfolio, and new ‘real’ job (non freelance) in a huge retail company.

Counting down what was I’ve done for last 2012 – as people used to do. I am so much satisfied with what I’ve been done, and won’t ever forget to thanks God for all of these:

  • Developing my digital media knowledge
  • Developing more about e-commerce and brand
  • Great holiday month on Sept; trip to East Java, Johor Bahru, Singapore
  • Maintain my freelance job at local magz, as a fashion stylist
  • Buy a new car (say Good bye to my city car)
  • New smart phones for supporting my digital works
  • and one thing I haven’t done till Nov 2012 – joining retail company – finally have it on Dec 2012, and join since then.

Thank you, Lord! And closed my year with beloved family (Mom, 2 brothers, bf and brother’s partner) with such a wonderful fireworks party on my bro’s rooftop.

So, what’s my plan for 2013?

  • Getting married…. perhaps 🙂
  • Develop my carrier
  • And going settle down….like this video i share – this is what i really feel rite now.

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