Ready for Christmas?

Christmas gift on defocused lights background

How much you ready for Christmas? Yea, definitely depends. When you just ready for feel the Christmas breeze, doesn’t mean you ready for something that important behind meaning of the Christmas it self.

What people always try to work it out on Christmas mostly are the Christmas tree, and many gifts under it. How lovely you will see a lot of lights, colors, and wrapped gift in everybody’s houses. Even in a shopping center, Christmas songs will heard all over the place – even when you’re in toilets. Hahaa.. Maybe it will add more excitement when you pee.

Well anyways, have you ready for your Christmas gifts? *which i will blog about the gift things* Father. Mother. Nephew, Niece, Brother, Sister do they all will get the gifts. How about a nice neighbor next to your apartment or house? They the one always near by you, when you’ll need anything urgent, maybe now it’s the right time to share your lovely Christmas with ’em. However, is it just all about the Christmas? Hm, for me, Christmas is none like any other day. It’s time to show more how much you love your family, even neighbor or people besides you. It’s all about togetherness, It’s all about how much you care and love ’em. And even much more than that. So what does Christmas means to you?


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