Refresh Inner Beauty

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

― Kahlil Gibran

Every person have their own uniqueness, every person have their own inner beauty – at least that’s what i thought. What do you think? Do you think you have your inner beauty? What does inner beauty means for you?

Like every other ladies thought, brain-beauty-and behavior will always be the
perfect point of inner beauty. It doesn’t mean you have to always beautiful, classy or even sophisticated. I guess, even if you are make-up not on, people will find out you so pretty and beautiful just by looking at your inner beauty. Have you ever looking at someone and find out she or he looks very charming even when they not wear or looks too much at that time – well what you see is their inner beauty. So wondering what’s your inner beauty? Have you find the answer?

Sure it’s not that easy to have an inner beauty. Natural beauty treatment would be one of my secret treatment. Psst, i want to share you a local Indonesia beauty product that I always have in my bag. It’s BALI RATIH.

For those who never heard this BALI RATIH – It’s a body treatment from Bali Island, Indonesia. Product by CV Bali Sari. It’s made and process from natural ingredients and packed in modern technology. That’s made ’em a perfect natural body treatment – and save for your skin.

First time, I bought this product from my interns – then I got addicted to the unique smell of this product, and finally I found where to buy this product and I immediately order. Gosh, so happy, and it’s always on my bag since then.

BALI RATIH have so many essences for their every product; body butter, body mist, body shower gel, and many more – find out here. The smell is perfectly unique,  for me it’s like an aroma therapy for your body, I love the smell of their Almond Nut. Smells almost like Davy Doff fragrance but more natural – like an almond plus wood essence. Find out the other essence here.


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