How often is the word ‘Stylist’ thrown around?

How often did you heard the word ‘Stylist’ thrown around?

What does it really mean?

A stylist is a creative position who usually collaborates with the clients, photographer, art director, makeup artist to come up with the visual concept of the project. It’s their job to make the people and also the clothing and accessories look their very vest in the shot. In my business I strive to take the best of each role and meld them together except I don’t do hair makeup. 

What Do Fashion Stylist Really Do?

A person who supplies and curates the clothing and accessories for all the models on photo shoot or video. They often borrow clothing from designers and are responsible for the care, pinning to fit, and streaming of the garments. Me? Sometimes I do have teams of people work under myself. 

A fashion stylist spends most of his or her time planning and coordinating outfits. Sometimes the work is very high profile, often centering on fashion shows, catwalks, and major design firms; other times, it is more understated and personal. Whether working to coordinate a fashion shoot or simply dress a single client, though, the crux of the work remains the same. A fashion stylist is responsible for putting together clothing ensembles to meet the demands of specific clients. The job often requires long, often irregular hours and a keen eye for detail — an appreciation for the latest trends and styles is almost always an asset, as well.

Work With Individual Clients

The core elements of a fashion stylist’s work are most easily seen on an individual level. Elite members of society often hire stylists to help them chose, purchase, and sometimes even wear clothing that aligns with the latest styles. Professionals in this capacity often work as personal shoppers, dressers, and consultants all in one. They usually begin by meeting with clients to discuss the sort of clothes that are needed. Sometimes stylists work on getting people ready for special events — gala dinners, for instance, or formal balls — though they may also help create a closet full of fashionable staples.

Here are some of my works…


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