A Letter For Dad

Dear Dad,

It’s been one year more already, and we really miss you so bad. Miss your laugh, story, smart thought, joke, and everything. Believe it or not, everytime we miss you, not just prayer we send, but we always spent times to visiting you there. Even if you’re actually not there, or even were not there, we believe your soul will always gives spirits for us. Dear Dad, these are the picture of our happiness — still hoping you’re still around to see us now.

Dear Dad,
 Thank you for being my hero, listener, chauffeur,  life mentor, and even a financial support. You’re also the best story teller, teacher, friends, and father we ever had.

Take a look at this picture, this is what we always do went we visiting him. One his favorite cigarette on his grave — yeah, he do smokes a lot back then. “I never can think, if I’m not smoking!” he said.

 Dear Dad,

I may love a lot of man in the future, someday I’ll get married to someone out there. But in the end let me remind you that no matter what happen, you’ll always be the best guy for me. I love you till forever ends

Dear Dad,

Have wonderful rest and peaceful out there, we sure will take care of your loved lady — our lovely Mom. We know how much she miss you a lot, like we do. All we can do, are taking care of her with lots of happiness, and keep her healthy as always. We sure still need her here on earth, like we actually need you ’till now.

Thank you to my dear: Ben Wiweka for these lovely pics.


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