Garance Doré for Kate Spade

It’s A Festive Line!

It’s Garance Doré for Kate Spade

Garance Doré, a new New Yorker (by way of Paris), lent a breeze of french, feminine flair to Kate Spade in the form of a fantastic capsule collection, imagined in a distinctively postwar style with extra Doré wit on top! The line is a fully operating sartorial arsenal; Think layer-able knits, féte-able cocktail dresses, and even a matching iPhone case, all fabricated to look straight out of the ’50s. Hello trapeze silhouette, very happy to see you in 2012!

And when we saw the blogger in her perfect polka dot patterned pumps for the London launch party, we couldn’t help but further wax enthusiastic about the line’s best feature: the prints! Look closely at the one pictured, and you’ll see there’s more to it than your standard fare. It amounts to an illustrated spectrum of the different moods and looks of a party girl— kind of like visions of those flitting characters we all experience (or embody) at one function or another, but never stop to look at — two friends sharing a cigarette, the first moments of flirtation, the lonely wallflower, yep the gang’s all here. Once these characters are poked with a vintage palette of mustard and teal, and prodded with Doré’s signature cursory sound bites, the print turns each item it adorns into a visual and narrative stunner.

I went to their launch at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Friday, Agust 31st, 2012 — meet friends, and other Jakarta socialites, one of ’em is my dear friend, Ayu Utami as one of the host. Here are the party — feel the crowds!



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