Find Your Perfect Sling Bag

I’m about to sleep, but like I always did… The thing that I do before sleep is open my laptop and check out my works – bad habits! But turns out, not going to sleep, but I end up working – wanna makes everything runs perfect for tomorrow (especially for setting up all my client’s social media dashboard)

While setting it, I just opened my flash disk data, and find my last year fashion article for Female Indonesia Magazine. I would like to share it with you all, gorgeous people – especially the ladies.

It’s talking about finding your perfect sling bag. Well, no doubt that every ladies is having a hard time finding a perfect bag for herself. Even it’s looks easy, it was not! Gosh, I really need a loooonggg hours to decides which bag perfect for me. But when I get it, I’ll definitely carry it everywhere I go.

Anyway, I hope this article could help which bag are perfect for your looks. Is it feminine, sophisticated, conservative, ethnic, edgy or classic, we got it all here. When you find the answer, then start looking the similar bag for your perfect one. Enjoy…

Female Magazine 2011




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