Furla effected all!

Yeah, at this time, this Furla collections really effected we all. It definitely one of the IT BAGS of all time..

If we talk about those Furla, what exactly do you know?

Every single Furla product tells a brief, wonderful story of Italian creativity.  Finding in Furla essential aesthetics that are constantly renewed. Bags and accessories in feminine, timeless styles, yet highly modern, this is due to constant design and technology research. In the final result, a fabulous bag everrr! 

What else?

Recognized this Furla? Yeah you know, it’s Candy Bag,  icon of the fusion between innovation, creativity and tradition that characterize the brand Furla, is realized in a soft and resistant special type of pvc. The lovely metal lock that decorates the zipper closure of the bag and the brilliant colors in which it is made of, let Candy Bag to be a functional and fabulous must-have. The fact is, this fab candy bag really effected everybody in my J-town. The different is maybe not all of  ’em carrying the real Furla. Well at least, everybody’s trying to be fabulous with the it bag.

After all of the metamorphosis, we finally got the winner…

So which Furla do you have? Me? NONE! hihiii…


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